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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding our products and services

Will I be involved in the website design process?

Absolutely, yes!  Typically once we have a logo and color scheme established an empty website template will be built and shared.  We’ll make any changes to the feel and presentation of the website at this point.  Once you are 100% satisfied with the look of the overall site, we’ll continue with content page builds.

What will you need from me during the build process?

As much media and verbiage as you can possibly provide!  If you are a brand new company with no company or product documentation yet, we ask that you provide us what you can so we can create content ourselves.  You’ll always have final say on what is or is not displayed on your website.

Am I able to edit my website myself after the project is complete?

Typically not.  Often times things such as image galleries can be managed by the user, but since so much can go wrong when editing the back-end of a website, we usually make those changes ourselvess.

Is there a cost to making website edits or changes?

During the development process, no.  We’ll make as many changes as needed to ensure you are completely satisfied with your website prior to launch.  Once the project is completed, we would be happy to make any revisions for you at a cost. If you need additional pages, navigation or design updates, or content changes/additions, they are billed at an hourly development rate of $100 per billable hour.  We’ll always provide you with an time/cost estimate prior to making any changes.

What if I don't yet have a domain name?

That’s ok, we can purchase that for you.  We’ll brainstorm with you to select the perfect domain name for your business and/or website.  Have a few possibilities to consider, no problem, we’ll snatch them all up just to be sure.

Can I use my own hosting account?

Yes, if you already have a hosting account or want to use a 3rd party hosting account that is entirely up to you.  Please note that Leadgistics would need administrator privelages to the account during the development process, and all backups and server patching would need to be done by you or your IT management team.

Will my website be search engine friendly?

All of our websites are built with SEO and browsing analytics in mind.  In today’s age of pay-per-click advertising we can’t guarantee that your website will be on the 1st page of results organically, but we can assure you it follows all of the latest internet trends and practices.  

What if I want to advertise my website?

We can absolutely assist you in creating a marketing analysis and budget report.  Your website will already be collecting analytics which we can turn into successful pay-per-click or social media advertising whenever you want.  

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